Promi-Nature Umbrella

Elevate your brand while championing sustainability through the versatile Promi-Nature umbrella.

Its practicality and durability will ensure the umbrella becomes a trusted companion on rainy days, acting as a regular reminder of your brand. Beyond its practicality, umbrellas act as a mobile billboard, providing an exceptional tool for increasing brand awareness and ensuring your message is delivered to a wide audience. The Promi-Nature umbrella’s high-quality windproof system guarantees reliable coverage in all weather conditions, promising durability, and performance. For added convenience, the Promi-Nature mini umbrella features an automatic open and close button. The umbrella case serves a dual purpose, also transforming into a reusable shopping bag, with a dedicated umbrella compartment.

The Promi-Nature umbrella is made from recycled pongee polyester, that follows a waterSAVE production process, reducing energy consumption by up to 70%. In fact, the typical dyeing process for woven fabrics is notorious for its substantial consumption of fresh water, chemical and energy. Alternatively, waterSAVE production is a dry process, meaning it bypasses the need for water purification and treatment, resulting in remarkable energy savings.

This approach also slashes CO2 emissions by over 60%, aligning your brand with sustainability and making a positive impact.

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